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"Ryuzaki called me...and he left a voice mail..." Light muttered as he walked out from his classroom, he had just finished writing his mid year exam.  With a sigh he put the phone to his ear and listened to the voice mail.
"Light-kun, Sorry to call you at such an off time, with doing your Exam and all, but I need you, and you alone, to come to the hotel, 1208."
" this is it now then, I will be taken in tonight." Light muttered as he walked up towards the Hotel, lots of things were now running through his mind, Like, "What if L had only faked that kiss, and it wasn't even real, he just did it to get on Lights good side so he would remain saying he was Kira, or just to play some sick game...? No, You cant fake something that felt so good, can you. L is a genius after all...maybe he can..." All this running through Lights thoughts as he walked up into the hotels front doors and he walked to the steps, not getting in the elevator.
"Light-Kun!" A voice called out, causing Light to turn around and see, right there, L.
"Ryu-Ryuzaki...What are you doing down here?" Light asked as he looked to him, "You should stay in your hotel right..." he asked as he looked to him.
L shook his head, "No, Come." he said as he walked to the elevator, "I...I want to apologize for what I did to you last night...I...Dont know what came over me, and I'm sorry..." L muttered as he looked to him. One of Ls small fingers reached out and he pressed a button on the wall and a bell could be heard make a ding sound when it hit their floor and opened. L walked into the elevator, and Light followed in after.
"Ryuzaki...You dont need to say sorry, you didnt do anything wrong at all." Light pointed out as he looked to him. So that was it, sorry. it really was just for some sick joke, it really was just to keep Light saying he was Kira...Light should have known. But, the second L had his lips to his own, he could not think right anymore at all.
"Light-Kun..." L muttered out, the elevator coming to a stop and L walked out and to the room, Light following. " not here, come in first" He said and walked into the hotel room and walked to the chair and sat down on his feet as always does.
Light walked over and sat on the sofa, the same spots they were in the night before, when they had shared a kiss. "Ryuzaki why have you called me here...There is only you..." He asked as he looked around and seen that there was no other police in the room at all. Just them both.
"No, Light-Kun...I told you to come here for another reason then to be arrested...I haven't told them of what you said yet...Because..." L put his finger to his mouth to think for a moment and then looked back to Light, "I like you...a lot.." he said as he looked to Light. Light, Who was just sitting there, with some form of ill look over going on his face."...Light-Kun...I dont want you to leave...I dont want you to go away..." L said, getting from the chair he was on and walked over pressing Light back to the sofa and straddling him and hugged his arms around him and laid his head onto his shoulder.
"R-Ryuzaki...?" Light muttered out as he felt the other hugging into him and sitting on him. He put his arms around L, they shook as he reached up to touch the other.
"I dont want you to go Light-Kun..." L muttered, his lips brushing along Lights neck.  Causing the other male to shiver and gulp. L, noticing this sat up and looked to him, "Are you okay Light-Kun?" he asked him, watching as Light gave a nod that he was okay, Light nodded, "Okay.."
"Ryuzaki, I wont go, not if I dont have to...I want to stay here, work with you, be around you." Light said to him as he hugged into the other male, pulling himself to Ls chest. He froze, he could hear the others heart, right there in his ear. He knew if he was the one to ever stop that sound..he would hate himself. To Hide a lie, one after another, it would rot him to have to kill the man he loved so much cause of a lie he was trying to keep hidden from himself as well as Ryuzaki.
L looked to him and smiled a little, putting his arms around Lights shoulders, "I wont tell if you dont Light-kun" he said to him, causing Light to look up at the other.
"Of course I wont..." He muttered and before he was able to say anything else, L had his lips pressed to his own. Letting out a small moan Light pulled his arms up along L back, pulling at his shirt, which L let Light take off.
Lights hands ran up Ls stomach and chest, as his hand went to his chest L stopped his hand over his chest, Light looked to him and then he realized he was doing it to let Light feel his heart beating fast in his chest. No one can fake that, its not possible.
L was now moved in a little, well his upper body was anyways, his lower body was pressed out away from Light. Ls hand, now starting to undo each one of the buttons on Lights school uniform, giving Light shivers. Ls hand ran up and along lights stomach and chest, running over his chest and to the side, pushing the shirt he had on out of the way as he leaned down, kissing lights collar bone softly, his hand now running down lower, to Lights waist now, tracing his fingers along the skin above it. Causing Light to let out small moans in pleasure. These moans that  L now wanted to increase. Ls hand started to undo lights pants and he continued to kiss him along his neck.
Light could now feel L small hand pushing down pant his belt line and he let out another moan, "R-Ryu-Ryuzaki..." He moaned out softly, gasping as the others hand finally meet with Lights manhood and started to strock his hand down along it. After a few moments though, L was pulling at Lights pants, getting them down farther and when he had Lights erection out to view he smiled and kissed Lights neck, then up to his lips, his hand starting off slow at Light, and soon picking up speed.
Not finished yet, Still have a lot more to add to it ^^
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I love it! btw...How long did it take to write?
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